Simple Steps To A 10 Minute FuckSwipe is the earliest hookup site online, and still among the very best. In case you’ve already tried our #1 choice, this is a good second alternative.

Chances are you’ve at least heard of FuckSwipe. You’ve probably even seen some of the advertisements. They’re all over the web, especially if you’re a porn enthusiast (not there’s anything wrong with that!) . FuckSwipe is a well recognized, well recognized hookup site. They’ve been around since the start of the internet hookup dating site days.

Just because a site has been an existence for several years doesn’t mean it’s a good site. We reviewed lots of recognized hookup sites which were absolute scams. It’s the exact opposite. All the hype we discovered about FuckSwipe appears to be untrue.

We HIGHLY Recommend FuckSwipe!

Following our 2-month membership on FuckSwipe was complete, we chose to extend the membership for another 3 weeks. There were too many girls on this site we wanted to talk with but didn’t have the chance to in our initial 2 months. We’re still meeting girls regularly on FuckSwipe. However, this review only covers our initial 2-month membership.

If you’ve finished reading this review, you’ll understand the intricacies of FuckSwipe. You’ll learn about why we love the site and the best way to draw and hookup with all the hot women on this wonderful hookup site. So what makes FuckSwipe so particular?

Have you ever been told that online dating is a numbers game? It most definitely is a numbers game. That goes for almost any hookup site you sign-up for. But we believe it’s even more accurate on FuckSwipe. You will find as many attractive girls on this site as there are everywhere.

Since this site attracts so many hotties, you’re going to have competition. That’s okay. Don’t be scared of a little competition. The majority of the men you’re competing with are complete douches anyway. They’re nasty perverts that could ‚t talk about anything aside from sex, which turns girls off.

Because the majority of the other men actually aren’t catches, ensure you read through our free hookup dating guide to learn how to become a "catch". The hints in this guide can allow you to stick out amongst the competition. Your profile and emails, even if you follow our guidance, will jump into the very top of her list of men that she certainly must get in contact with.

Because the competition is so large, even with our effective hookup strategies, we knew we were going to have to contact a lot of girls. That is exactly what we did. We still stuck to our goal of calling two women every day. However, we weren’t contacting the same girls multiple times like we did some other websites. We were able to get by with contacting different girls since there are several attractive girls on FuckSwipe.

We played with the numbers game on this site to our benefit. We suggest you contact darn near every attractive girl on FuckSwipe which you find interesting If you do this consistently over the span of a month or two, there’s no way you won’t have numerous options to hookup with.

Not every hookup site is exactly the same. Neither are the girls on the site. We encountered a lot of hookup sites with nothing but nasty girls and/or hookers.

Sometimes you feel like an idiot when you make an assumption which turns out to be wrong. This was one of those times. We didn’t encounter ANY Escorts/hookers and we don’t believe many (if any at all) of those profiles are fake since we received actual answers to our mails. In reality, 79 of those 120 emails we sent out were responded to. The majority of the mails were responded to in a quick period of time. That’s a good sign you’re on a valid relationship site.

As we have already mentioned, the ladies of FuckSwipe are all top-notch. Sure, there are some nasty ones. However, you’ll find that anywhere. And, hey, if you’re in a slump and just need to rub off one fast (hit it and quit it!) , one of those nasty ones might do you good. A vagina is a vagina, or something like this! Consider it as practice before the actual thing.

What are girls on FuckSwipe searching for? Exactly the same thing you are — SEX! They’ve unfulfilled sex lives and need a guy to do something about it. It’s up to you to convince them that you’re worthy enough to be that guy. The good news? We’re not saying girls on FuckSwipe are easy. We kind of are. But they’re less easy than on other websites. That’s really a good thing, in our opinion. It just means you have to work somewhat harder to get down a woman’s pants on this site.

Every site we reviewed consisted of 2 weeks worth of creating and updating our profiles, contacting 120 girls (on some websites, we needed to contact numerous girls so as to send 120 introductory mails ), communicating via Instant Messenger, and attempting to set-up offline dates.

Our FuckSwipe attempts were not any different. We mention this since you’ll observe that the success we had on FuckSwipe was surpassed by So we don’t need our readers to complete that we set in more effort on this site than others. That’s not the case. We used similar strategies for hooking up with girls on each and every site we reviewed. The gap between FuckSwipe and the majority of the other people is that the site is really legitimate. There are opportunities here to meet girls.

The breakdown of the 2-month long experimentation with this unique hookup site is as follows…

120 emails delivered introducing ourselves 24 dates set-up 19 dates we showed up for 15 full closes (girls we slept with)

Hookups with 15 distinct girls between 5 men in a 2-month period is pretty darn good. As you can tell, the girls on FuckSwipe actually are looking to get laid. And they’re receptive to our mails.

We’ve discussed how you need to contact as many girls as you can. You ought to, by now, understand that hookup relationship is a numbers game (skill matters too, however). But we harbor ‚t discussed specific strategies for contacting these many distinct women. So to help you learn the tactics which worked for us, here are five important tips (WRITE THEM DOWN. . .NOW!!) For positioning yourself to laid by a hottie on FuckSwipe…

Personalize your email. Read her profile, word for word. Get to know who she is as a person. In your email, make mention of at least 1 thing related to her profile so that she understands you took the opportunity to read it. This is going to make her feel unique and not feel as though she’s another girl. There are a number of women on FuckSwipe which are clearly snobs. You can readily tell from her profile if she’s a snob. Be aggressive. Beautiful girls on FuckSwipe have heaps of men contacting them everyday. Get in touch with her, and if she doesn’t send you reply back within a day or so, send her message letting her know you’re still interested in conversing. Upload your very best photo. Looks do matter for something on a site like this. That doesn’t mean you must be the best looking guy, but you need a profile film which makes you look appealing. Otherwise, girls won’t be contacting you. Don’t be scared to contact the hottest girls on the site. Too many men who know that they’re not the hottest stud on Earth are afraid of contacting hot women. They settle for average or mediocre women. You overlook ‚t have to do this. It’s not difficult to attract hot girls on FuckSwipe. Simply be the classy guy with an awesome character, and you’re certain to score together.

Creative dating site features are crucial for getting laid. Part of the reason the websites we failed to have laid was because of a scarcity of quality dating site features. FuckSwipe does not lack quality in almost any place. Their site features are unique, innovative, and genuinely help men get laid. Although we can probably list a couple of features we liked, here are our 3 favorites…

1. Advanced Search Feature — There are going to be girls you’re not curious about. Wouldn’Can it be nice if you were able to prevent even viewing their profiles? About FuckSwipe — you are able to. Filter out girls you’re not interested and just see profiles of those you’re very likely to have a solid connection with. This is going to make your life far simpler. 2. Before contacting any girls on this site, read through some posts on the market. You’ll learn some valuable info. They offer great tips for improving your FuckSwipe profile, how to attract girls on their site, plus a whole lot more. It’s a valuable asset to some guy that signs up with this hookup site. 3. Free Chat Rooms — Don’t care to sit around waiting for a girl to get in touch with you? Then have a look at their free chat rooms after you sign-up. You just might meet a hottie in your area trying to get laid. Impress her with some stimulating conversation through Instant Message and, who knows, maybe you’ll set up an offline date later that night!

For around $20, it is possible to sign-up to your Silver Package and earn access to many important site features. In case you’re trying to bump your profile on the peak of the listing, spend another $10 per month on a Gold Package. You’ll appear before everybody in the search results and have complete site abilities.

Now we’ve gone more than tips for gaming FuckSwipe and information about the site, we would like to conclude this review with a small story. The very first girl we met on FuckSwipe turned out for a complete lush. She was a drunk, wasn’t as appealing as her photograph appeared to function, and had a horrible personality.

The reason why we ‚re telling you this story is because you might come across this kind of woman. However, we don’t want you to get discouraged. It is possible to ‚t expect every girl you meet — whether it’s online or offline — to be perfect. Life doesn’t work out this way. So don’t let it bother you if the first girl you meet proves to be a complete dud. It happens.

18 out of 19 ain’t too shabby! Of those 18 girls, we sealed the bargain with 15 of these. Again, that ain’t too shabby! Should you sign-up for FuckSwipe, we are convinced you will experience similar success. So get off your lazy butt and get signed up. . .NOW! Hot women are awaiting you, so get on it! We’re just trying to direct your cock!

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