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xxluckywinner329 won 100,000.

xxluckywinner329 won 100,000.

Welcome to Rocket Bingo, our staff has extensive knowledge in the world of online bingo. We like to think we understand what you enjoy, but if we’re overlooking something, touch base, this is the bingo website.

We’ll bring you unique bingo promos that can’t be found on any other bingo websites, so play bingo and slots with us! You won’t regret coming on-board AND we’ll provide you up to 500 Free Spins on Fluffy Favourites when you do.

Remember to check us out on FB and Twitter too!

Having launched back in 2014 we no longer believe ourselves to be among the new bingo websites we’ve learnt a lot in our own time and we sincerely hope that’s made us a much better bingo destination for you!

Since firing up our rocket , we’re proud of what we’ve attained in what is still a rather small ‚distance ‚ of time – pun intended.

Our aim upon lift-off was to offer you a really unusual bingo encounter. Continued We’ve always been in a position to do so by offering a range of exclusive promotions. Our promotions have sometimes been referred to as ‚wacky‘, however we’ll only go with ‚lovely ‚. Which other bingo websites uk have such personality and enjoyable?

The best thing about Rocket Bingo, aside from the huge jackpots, is that items are always advancing. Our UK based team are continuously developing new bingo and slots gamesour jackpots only continue soaring as we develop we’re ready to give free bingo games with bigger prizes for all to enjoy! It really is up and onwards as we become one of the best free bingo sites on the market! One of our proudest moments to date was 2016 when we had been voted the ‚Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site‘ by Which Bingo. The best thing about scooping this decoration was that it was player voted, meaning it was our members that won it ! Thanks a million, our spacemen will probably be forever thankful.

In case you’ve been playing Rocket Bingo for a while, then you ‚ll notice that new for 2018 we have experienced a trendy new design overhaul which has seen us update to a much more sleek look at precisely the exact same time as revamping our bingo bringing you countless more UK slots games – the exact same choice in fact as our well known sister website Slot Games! Also, we’ve noticed that just about everyone is joining us by a cell phone these days so that we ‚ve seriously upped our game (pun intended) in terms of earning things fit your display and operate easily – no more popup boxes for 2018!

Rocket Bingo is proud to provide a wide choice of exclusive bingo games. What started off with ‚Genuine Free Bingo‘ in 2015 spread to become an entire suite of exclusive games. As of 2018 we finally have 3 exclusive rooms, 2 of which are free and need no card information to perform (more coming soon).

Our Facebook page has turned into a popular haunt for our gamers. Should you would like ‚t already, you need to like it (click on the FB logo in our footer) and stay tuned for chances to win a variety of different prizes and vouchers. We’re regularly running mini competitions which are often open to both members and none members — these will generally occur with no warning — so you need to keep a regular check on the page. Additionally, launched in 2017 there is a distinctive attribute called ‚Rocket Puzzles‘, found exclusively on our Facebook page. Every Wednesday we’ll be hosting a little mystery styled competition where you could win freebies such as vouchers and Rocket bingo credit for those entrants that are funded.

Remember, as stated previously we’re ‚your‘ bingo destination– we’ve proven this by allowing players organise and title competitions and ultimately by winning the Which Bingo award in 2016! We’re always listening to listen to new thoughts that we could use to re create our future. In case you have any suggestions for improvements — drop us a line through support or simply by linking with our Facebook page.

Consequently, if you’re new to the sport or you’ve become tired of other bingo brands, then we’ve got you covered. Climb onboard, we’ll be glad to welcome youpersonally, 2018 is going to be the biggest year yet!

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